Why Right Brain Training Is Vital In Singapore


Human brains are divided into two hemispheres: left and right. While the left hemisphere dominates logical thinking, facts analysis, planning, maths and sciences, and planning, the right brain is for emotion, arts and creativity, memory, reading, and imagination. The right brain training in Singapore aims to sharpen skills associated with the right brain hemisphere.

Here are the reasons why parents should enrol their children in right-brain toddler classes in Singapore:

1. Enhances creativity

Most people think creativity only applies to arts, such as painting, acting, songwriting and sculpting. But little did they know that creativity plays a crucial role in sciences as well! An innovator needs to be creative enough to think outside the box when thinking of an invention that will solve problems. Enrichment classes for right brain training in Singapore can help enhance your child’s creativity.

2. Encourages your child to express and manage their feelings

Perhaps, one of the most significant things a child learns throughout life is understanding their feelings. It starts by helping them identify their emotions. Are they mad, happy or sad? After being able to identify their emotions, children learn how to deal with these emotions.

3. Sharpens the memory

Indeed, the left brain is responsible for logical reasoning and analytic functions of the brain, but with poor memory, the person cannot maximise these capabilities. Sharpening the memory using the Heguru method in Singapore can help unlock the supercomputer in the brain.

4. Empathy

Children become more socially aware of the people surrounding them by understanding and reading emotions through visual and verbal cues. They become intuitive and perceptive of what the other person is feeling, and eventually, they learn how to be empathetic with others.

Training both the right and left brain is crucial for child development. They will surely benefit from skills they improved through enrichment classes in Singapore.

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