Why A Middle-Aged Woman Like Me Tried Belly Dance In Singapore


If you heard that an almost 40-year-old woman like me signed up for and enjoyed belly dance classes in Singapore, you would probably laugh and have difficulty picturing a middle-aged lady shaking her hips clad in a jangly hip scarf. I, too, initially laughed at the idea of me moving my body to an Egyptian tune—but I got over it and decided to sign up for a belly dance programme with a few of my friends.

Learning About Bellydance Haven And Its Belly Dance Classes

I learned about belly dance lessons in Singapore during an event that my best pals and I went to a few months ago. The host invited a group of belly dancers for hire to perform and showcase their impressive talents to the guests. After their performance, one of my friends jokingly said we should try belly dancing, which one of the dancers overheard. She offered her class details and informed us about her school—Bellydance Haven.

Admittedly, I was hesitant about joining the Bellydance Haven class because I was shy about moving my jiggly belly in front of my friends and our belly dance instructor. I was scared that I would hear laughter as soon as I danced, especially since I was not the most flexible member of our friend group.

However, I decided to ignore those inhibitions and decided to sign up for belly dance lessons. I realised that life is short and I should enjoy every minute, especially with the people I love.

Experiencing The Perks Of Belly Dancing

I did not realise I would enjoy belly dance classes in Singapore until I participated in one of those lessons. I did not know that it would improve my mood and allow me to strengthen my positive outlook in life. I also did not realise that belly dancing would bring me closer to my friends and let us enjoy each other’s company while foolishly twisting our tassel scarf-adorned hips.

Signing up for belly dance lessons did not only improve my mental wellness— but it also helped me improve my body. It helped me slowly lose weight and tone my muscles. It also allowed me to become more flexible, which is something I realised after I was able to reach my toes when bending over.

Additionally, enrolling in belly dance classes significantly improved my balance, allowing me to avoid accidents that would cause my already weak and ageing body to experience more difficulties. It also relieved me from lower back and joint pain, helping me minimise my pain medication intake.

I reaped these perks not only because I decided to ignore my hindrances. I experienced the perks of this programme because of my belly dance instructor, who never lost her patience while teaching a group of middle-aged women who laughed a lot during class. She also helped us build confidence, which helped us make the most of our lessons and enjoy their benefits. Without our instructor and her dedication to teaching, I would never experience the emotional and physical health-improving effects of belly dancing.

If you are interested in signing up for belly dance classes in Singapore, I highly recommend Bellydance Haven and its talented instructor. Check out its website for more details about its age and size-inclusive belly dancing programmes.

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