O Level English

Ways to Become Better at O Level English Oral Exam


When sitting for your O Level English oral exam, it is good to stand out to examiners.

That is not difficult if you follow the following helpful tips. Use as many as possible, if not all.

Be knowledgeable on current issues of interest.

Know the current news trends. You never know if it will be the O level English oral discourse topic. These are unanticipated issues, so you must be on top of your game. Current news themes are especially popular if they are related to the ‘popular’ topics that always feature in tests.

Discuss these subjects with friends and family.

Conversations with friends and relatives will help you retain the information. While you speak, you will instantly memorize the information. There will also be other viewpoints so that you may get further knowledge. For all you know, they may offer intriguing perspectives for you to employ in your oral examinations for the O level English language course. While facing the examiner, it may not be as difficult.

Read and record documents.

This will be very helpful for the oral reading component of the O-level English examination. As you record and playback your reading, you may serve as your own judge, and your reading errors will become evident.

Pay attention to tone and delivery while playing back audio. You might be reading in a monotonous manner without realizing it. Pitch yourself at an enticing level and make yourself sound energizing and vibrant.

Perform confidence exercises.

Many varieties of confidence exercises exist. For example, you can discuss one of the O level English oral exam themes with a close friend who will provide you with constructive feedback, or you can speak to yourself in the mirror. This will increase your confidence since you will know how to posture yourself before examiners and lecturers.

Consider the pronunciation of newscasters.

This is a fantastic method for learning accurate pronunciation. Newscasters are professional communicators who have studied under the greatest. Seeing them will impart poise and refinement to your own communication. Pay attention to their pauses and tonality. You will be shocked at how rapidly you can progress if you listen to these individuals.

Be aware of what is tested in O level oral examinations.

This will be relevant for the current oral test for English at the O level. You can focus on the remaining subjects if you know what has already been tested. Prepare yourself to communicate effectively.

Be calm when engaging in conversation.

Being calm throughout the oral English test for the O level is essential. Do you know that when kids are anxious, they talk more quickly? And you will stumble over your words more frequently. Why court adversity? Just moderate your speech and consider each word as you say it.

Exercise your breathing.

Relaxation is enhanced by breathing exercises. For example, if you are anxious before your turn, take calm, deep breaths to help you relax. Then your presentation will improve.

Pause at periods and commas.

Throughout reading and talking, it is essential to stop at punctuation. Do not be a “road runner”, and hurry your remarks. You will eventually mispronounce it if you continue to do so. Instead, watch out for the period and comma placement. They are present for a reason, so take a moment to pause.

Do not suddenly conclude the oral exam’s talk portion.

Don’t abruptly conclude the chat section. One approach to prevent this is to offer a viewpoint that bolsters the most significant argument you stated before.

Maybe you may have a quote that is pertinent to the discussion. Do whatever is most comfortable for you, and make sure you’ve spoken enough. Please limit your speech to at least two minutes.

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