Tips To Fulfill Your Dream to Become the Sous Chef


Would you like to define your existing knowledge and skills as a chef? Are you preparing yourself for a career in the industry as the head chef of a restaurant or hotel? Well, a certificate iii commercial cookery which is nationally accepted might also help you get to learn about how you might manage people and the many business operations, while developing menus and creating delicious dishes for the paying customers, along with everything else you want.

In the cookery class, you will learn about the

  • Food and dessert preparation.
  • Pricing for each menu and its planning.
  • Basic cookery and knifing skills.
  • Work practices and teamwork.
  • Ways to handle food safety and hygienic practice.
  • How to implement the food transportation and storage facilities.

What Are the Requirements in The Course for The Certification?

The requirements for the certificate program often vary for the students:

  • The student must complete their minimum schooling for 10 years or any equivalent education and they should be the age of 18 years and above.
  • The enrolled students should have English proficiency, and they need to show their documented proof. If the students cannot prove their proficiency in the documented format, then they need to appear for the LLN test, which is the language, literacy, and numeracy test.

The above two requirements apply to both Australian and International students.

Besides that, the international students have to satisfy the below requirement.

  • They must have a minimum IELTS test score of around 5.5 (academic) with no individual band going lower than 5.
  • If they don’t have the expected IELTS scores, then they should complete the equivalent testing that would satisfy the Institute regulations.
  • The student who is not having the English proficiency test results or current IELTS score, then they need to take the test for the English language.

Additional Prerequisites:

Workplace training is mandatory for all the students who will apply for this course or have a current National Police Clearance (which must not be three months before the time of enrolment). They may require candidates to complete on-the-job training. Students can get a National Police Clearance, for a small fee, from any of the specific Post Office.

Reasons to Study Commercial Cookery:

  • Cookery is a growing industry and you can find a lot of job opportunities.
  • You will find a place to share your love for food.
  • This career will give you the option to explore your creativity by introducing new dishes.
  • Gives you complete independence, where you can start your own cookery business.
  • It creates a global job opportunity and with this certification, you can fly anywhere in the world.

You can apply for this certification online or with the help of education agents. This course may take the duration of over three months to three years to complete and it is completely depending on the timing flexibility of the students, whether they choose a part-time or full-time course. Considering all these tips, enroll for the cookery certification course and enjoy the career of being a chef for international hotels, cruise ships, airlines, or your own cookery business.

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