Mandarin Holiday Camp In Singapore: What Parents Should Expect

Participating in holiday camps is one of the best things a kid can do during school breaks. Instead of spending long hours in front of phones and computers, they can improve their comprehension skills or learn a new language by joining programmes like a Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore. But before signing your little one up for a class at a Chinese tuition centre in Singapore during their school break, you should keep a few things in mind. You should ensure they are on board with taking a few classes while on a break from school, explaining how they can benefit from such lessons. Moreover, you must learn everything you can about these programmes to set realistic expectations. To help you learn about a Mandarin holiday camp, here are four things you should expect when enrolling your child on such a class:

1. The Holiday Camp Will Only Last For Days

Seasonal tuition or enrichment programmes will never last throughout your youngster’s school break. Unlike a complete O level Chinese tuition, a Mandarin holiday camp will only last for more or less than a week—depending on your chosen class or language tutorial centre.

2. Chinese Holiday Programmes Have Different Levels

Like regular classes at a Chinese tuition centre in Singapore, holiday camps can come in different levels. These programmes start as lessons for preschool-aged kids before progressing into lower primary-level sessions. Some facilities even offer classes for young learners at the secondary level, helping them sharpen their Mandarin speaking and writing skills through various activities.

3. Your Child Will Learn Mandarin While Playing

Lessons at a Mandarin holiday camp are similar to enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore. Instead of simply discussing the Chinese language’s structure, teachers will ask their pupils to participate in different fun activities to stimulate their brains while allowing them to enjoy their lessons.

4. Holiday Camps Can Come At Discounted Prices

Signing your little one up for a holiday camp at a Chinese tuition centre will cost money. However, you can lessen your expenses by looking for promos like early bird discounts or loyalty programmes. Some language learning centres even offer exclusive promos to groups of parents who sign their children up together. Just keep your eyes and ears peeled, and you will find a discount that can lessen your child’s holiday camp fees. Edugrove is a trusted Chinese tuition centre in Singapore that offers mentally stimulating yet enjoyable Mandarin holiday camps on school breaks. Check out their website to learn more about their one-of-a-kind Chinese language programmes.

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