Keep the little ones entertained on a long car journey


Keeping your kids entertained in the car can feel like a challenge. If you ask your parents what they did, they’ll probably tell you they did something like give you a box of tissues. The good news is that for modern parents like yourself, there are plenty of things that you can do! 

Here is your guide on how to keep your kids entertained on a long car trip! 

1. Great Kids Cartoons

With young ones, screen time is a great way to keep them occupied. What should you show them though? Well, instead of just any old content, why not show your children some high-quality free kids cartoons

These cartoons are fun, but they will also teach your children important life lessons at the same time. Screen time can be great for your kids when you show them the right content. 

2. Play car games

Kids love games, so why not play them in the car with your kids? There are plenty of car games that you can enjoy on the road. You could try classics like Eye Spy or car spotting. All you need to do is pick a colour and keep your eyes peeled. Alternatively, you can play spot the dog! 

3. Sing along

If your kids love to sing, and you’re feeling patient, why not have a sing-along? Que up their favourite songs and get singing! 

4. Drawing

A colouring or drawing book with some pencils can keep your kids entertained for hours! Make sure you bring a big box to keep all the pencils in. 

5. Pack some toys

Toys are a great way to keep your kids entertained, but you can’t pack them all! So ask your kids to choose their favourites, and make sure you have some in your bags for them. 

6. Don’t forget snacks

Kids get hungry. Adults get hungry. What happens when we’re hungry? We all get grumpy. Make sure you pack some snacks for the kids, and for Mum and Dad as well! 

7. Books

Books are another great way to entertain your kids during car trips. Pack some of their favourites that they can read along the way. If you’re short on space, why not download some books onto your tablet? Alternatively, you can play some audiobooks instead! 

8. Take Breaks

A great way to keep your kids happy on the road is to take breaks. This may be for the bathroom, to stretch their legs, or simply offset the chance of cabin favour. 

Final Thoughts

Follow the tips in this guide, and the next car journey will be more fun for both you and your kids!  

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