Five Effective Ways To Practice & Improve Speaking English


Do you also find it challenging to speak fluent English like native speakers? Yes, learning to speak English like a native speaker is tough. But anyone can beat this challenge and quickly learn to speak fluent English. When you learn to speak Eng language, you should focus on five important things, i.e., voice, tone, accent, frequency, and expressions. If you focus on improving all these essential components, you will quickly learn to speak like an English language expert.

Learning to speak English well should be a priority for you regardless of whether it will help you get employment or not because it is an international language. But also remember to speak English to improve your communication skills and become a good speaker. Many people have been practising for long years and have yet to get the desired results. It is because you need to practise in the right and effective way. So, the following are the best ways that every learner should follow to practice and improve English speaking skills;

First, talk to yourself

The first thing you should always follow to learn to speak fluent English is to talk to yourself. You do not need anyone or anything to practice and improve your English speaking skills. You can practice English conversations, and you can improve quickly. First, you should find a place where no one else is around you to distract you, like your room, garden, roof, etc. Then, you can start talking to yourself about your whole day, any incident, movie, or anything in English. You can also write a script or speech and then talk about it. Always make sure you speak in a loud voice, soft tone, and accent while talking to yourself in English.

Listen to yourself

You can practice speaking English by conversing with yourself and improving your listening skills. You can record your voice while talking in English. Listen to your audio carefully and find out your mistakes. Again, record your voice and improve the previous mistakes. Continue this practice four to five times at a time.

Watch yourself while speaking

You should follow this practice to improve your English speaking skills. You can improve your speaking skills by watching yourself while talking. But how can you watch yourself while talking? You can watch yourself in a mirror or a video while speaking in English. You can stand in front of a mirror and recognize your facial expressions and accent while speaking in English. You can also record your video while speaking in English. Then watch it and find out where you need to improve, then continue this practice.

Imitation practice

Imitation practice is one of the most helpful practices you should follow to improve your English speaking skills. You can watch English interviews, youtube channels on any renowned American English coach, movies, or news channels and imitate them to practice speaking English.

Order food in English

Yes, placing an order for food in English can also help you to practice your English speaking skills. You should always order food in English. It will help you take the fear out of speaking in front of others. You will feel confident while speaking in English in front of others.

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