Features of a Who Am I Essay


Who Am I essay is one of the most interesting types of papers to write as well as to read. An author may use any approach they want to express themselves as a personality. The subjects are diverse – it may be an account about some happenings from the writer’s life, a description of character features, preferences, talents, and so forth. Nevertheless, such an essay must follow some rules to be properly structured and formatted.

Only several styles of dissertation feat a Who Am I essay as it aims to familiarize readers with an author or their important benefits. To comply with the academic writing style, such essays must be written in the third person using a neutral style.

Who Am I essays and other type ones

To make a better understanding of what features can be used in Who Am I essays, it needs to be compared with other essay types. Some of them combine well when others can’t be fitted together.

  • A narrative essay. It is used to describe a subject. In such a way, it’s perfect for a Who Am I essay as it’s always about some personal information of a writer. You won’t find any deep analyzes here.
  • A classification essay. That’s what can’t be combined with a Who Am I essay as it uses for some complex subjects. It provides terms, definitions, research details, and other information that have no relation to the personal information of an author.
  • An expository essay. It describes the thoughts and ideas of someone, not the author’s ones. Such papers use precise language and they are fully neutral.
  • An evaluation essay. Such an essay makes a connection between the subject and readers providing an unbiased assessment of it, while Who Am I essays contain a subjective opinion.
  • A descriptive essay. It describes a particular subject. Nevertheless, unlike Who Am I essays, it can cover much more themes than personal ones.

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