Data Science, For What Uses?


If ‘Data Science’ is starting to hit the shores of traditional businesses, Internet ‘pure players such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook are big consumers. For the pioneers and industrialists of ‘Data Science,’ it is one of their business models’ most strategic activities. They devote a good part of their resources and their collective intelligence to it. You can also do the data science coaching in hyberadad.

But their performance in this area also lies in the end-to-end control of their information channels. Basic black gold information is their most strategic raw material. They have become true information logisticians, deploying considerable efforts to supply their Data Lakes with their customers’ best possible digital footprint and their prospecting targets. (Transactional, conversational data, social graphs, etc.).

Exploit Data So As Not To Lose The Competitive Advantage

The information thus federated is then “processed” automatically by various analysis factories (i.e., Data Analysis Factory), which are responsible for extracting immediate operational value (i.e., Actionable Insight). It is also the subject of permanent R&D via analysis laboratories (i.e., Data Labs) where ‘Data Scientists’ invent algorithms that should maintain their ‘leadership.’ Precisely kept secret algorithms are not the subject of any patent.

‘Data Science’ is of de facto interest to them. An interest in almost all their activities: detection of opportunities, design, the introduction of new products and services, choice of geographical location, optimization of customer relations and logistics flows, control of operational risks, fraud detection, security, and recruitment.

Today, it is vital for the company to make the right choices in an uncertain, constantly changing world like communication and political science degree Israel. All the decisions it takes, strategic and tactical, must be informed by tangible elements, facts, and data.

For this, she must be able to look in the rearview mirror and project herself into the future while securing the present moment. ‘Data Science’ enables this journey through time. At the heart of two emerging trends in companies, some are already announcing as a revolution: ‘data-centric decision’ and ‘fact-driven management.’ Another indicator of its importance, the current and future value of a company, even the most traditional, depends more and more on the quality of its information assets and its capacity to develop it.

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