Child Actors: Fostering Valuable Habits in Your Career


Despite acting being such an amazing career for people, especially the youth, many parents are not always on board with the thought of having their children become a part of the acting industry at a young age. And in many ways, their hesitancy can be justified.

Getting into showbiz and making a name for yourself is not the easiest thing to achieve. There are so many things you need to consider such as financial situation, getting your kids acting classes, navigating through numerous – often potentially treacherous – deals that make it difficult for you to know which one is right for your kid.

But that does not mean parents should stop their kids from having a shot at a chance of becoming a future superstar. And plus, there are a number of habits that are born from children who actually do take on some of these acting roles. For examples:

Good Grades For Acting

A lot of people do not know this but most states such as California, require minor actors to attend school, even on set and ensure that they are maintaining a good grade point average. It has even been noted that many acting directors love seeing academic rewards and high GPAs that say ‘high attention to detail’, ‘ disciplined’ and what not which is why these children have a higher chance of being academically smart and have enough assets to take on big acting roles in the future.

Developing Perseverance

Whether you are young or old, there will be many occasions where you will be rejected for auditions and that can be daunting for many protective parents who do not want their kids to go through all that. However, disappointment will always be a part of life and if your kids learn how to handle rejection at a young age, they will become better at dealing with failures and quickly pick themselves up from it and keep moving forward.

Networking is Key

In any business really, having connections with the right people is essential in getting what you want. For young kids taking acting classes, they are exposed to a number of exceptional acting individuals, agencies and more – all of whom can serve as valuable assets towards leading your kids into successful careers in the future.

If you are still doubtful, you can always look into the work done by many actors who have been a part of the entertainment industry from a young age. A prime example of such an individual is none other than Robert Harris, a revered American actor who has also taken on various other career roles such as being a musician, producer, and entrepreneur.

Born in a family that supported his career, he was offered a recording deal by an agency who had approached him upon witnessing his singing and performing skills at a church.

Over the years he took on many roles – voice acting careers for Disney and on ‘The Sandlot’, venturing into the food industry and appearing in many baby commercials. Soon enough he created a valuable portfolio with several rewards at his disposal at a young age which has helped him get some of the best actor roles in his recent ventures.

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