6 Tips for Selecting a Chinese Tutor In and Out of Singapore 


You might want to enlist the help of a reputable and skilled Chinese tutor in Singapore, whether you are attending Mandarin lessons or learning on your own. Thousands of people on the internet claim to be pro instructors, but only a tiny proportion of them are worth your time and money. Here is a list of tips to remember to make your search efficient.

#1 Accent

Determine your target accent and find a Chinese tutor in Singapore that speaks the Mandarin dialect you wish to learn. You will want to find a native speaker to discover all the nuances of Mandarin, like colloquial phrases, slang, and idioms.

#2 Experience

The best teachers understand more than just the topic. They also understand how to offer it in a way you can learn and enjoy, even if you are attending a Business Chinese course in Singapore. Some professional Chinese teachers hold entrenched and outmoded beliefs regarding Mandarin learning.

#3 Technique/Methodology

The first thing to consider when looking for a Chinese tutor in Singapore is their teaching technique. Every instructor has a unique teaching style. Moreover, your particular goals should determine your preferred approach. An excellent Chinese instructor will nearly always use various tools to structure an enjoyable session.

#4 Conversational Skills

You will learn faster and more effectively with teachers who can clarify ideas and grammar in English. It is especially significant if you are a novice in Mandarin or about to begin attending a Business Chinese course in Singapore. An instructor fluently speaking a foreign language demonstrates they understand how to learn a language. They may also connect to their own learning experience and provide you with advice and recommendations that other instructors cannot.

#5 Scheduling/Availability

Scheduling is one of the most significant factors to consider. Some prominent tutors for AP Chinese have fairly tight timetables that are not particularly flexible. Many others instruct Chinese online as a side business. If you are serious about studying Mandarin, but your instructor treats you as a side gig, you should probably find someone else.

#6 Approachability

Check their website for hours of operation before hiring a Chinese tutor, especially from outside Singapore. You have discovered an excellent Chinese instructor if they make you feel secure conversing within and outside lessons. Remember that your instructor may be in China, so consider the time difference when choosing someone.

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