5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing English Tuition Centres in Singapore


Parents want the best education for their children. And it includes tuition centres, which are also considered educational institutions. However, parents might have different standards when choosing a school and an English tuition centre in Singapore. The result? They get mediocre tutorial centres.

Here are the mistakes parents make that lead them to low-quality tuition centres:

1. Choosing based on the price

Parents typically choose English and maths tuition centres in Singapore at affordable rates. Be careful when selecting cheap tuition centres. Usually, their reading materials, basic facilities, and even the credibility of the teachers are not as good as other reliable tuition centres.

The key is to find a secondary school English or science tuition centre in Singapore that matches the value of your money with their quality service.

2. Choosing based on the educational background of tutors

The educational background of the tutors matters, but so are other skills. It is essential to consider the teaching experience of the instructor, their communication skills, teaching styles, patience with the kid, and professionality with their work.

3. Choosing based on the location

Tuition centres with primary school programmes nearby your neighbourhood are ideal, firstly because transportation is merely a problem. Secondly, it is accessible whenever issues arise.

However, not all English tuition centres near your proximity in Singapore are the best. It is advisable to expand your tuition centre choices.

4. Forgetting about the adaptive curriculum

Many tuition centres offer one-size-fits-all programmes to their clients. The best English or maths tuition centres in Singapore curriculum adapt to the progress speed of your child.

5. Forgetting about the trial period

Did you know that you can ask your tuition centre for a trial period? It helps you determine if your child is comfortable with them and if the teaching style and curriculum meet the needs of your kid.

Avoiding these mistakes leads you to the best English tuition centre in Singapore.

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