4 Self-Learning Tips To Prepare You For Your Chinese Class


Learning Chinese is not as hard as many people thought it to be. Whether you’re a returnee, a beginner Chinese student, or planning to take a Chinese course in Singapore, learning the language doesn’t have to be mind-wrecking. The joy of learning begins with having a solid grasp of the foundations. Like all in learning different subjects, the success of your journey can be easy when you know what to study first.

Before you think about planning your success within the classroom (or online class), it’s actually worth noting studying the basics on your own. First, it’s cheap and hassle-free. You are learning at your own pace before the actual class starts. Helping yourself understand the subject gives you more interest and motivation to learn further.

Use Online Learning Resources

The best way (for many) to get a solid foundation in the Chinese language is to head online for free lessons. Even if you are taking online Chinese lessons in Singapore, you can use plenty of free resources online, which will help you make steady progress to fluency. Whether it’s reading material or a short video clip, you can use them to get a decent headstart to prepare for actual lessons.

Have a Study Schedule

Making and having your own study schedule is vital for self-studying and preparing ahead of your class. It can be tempting to study while on the go. However, having dedicated time helps you restructure your path and provides direction to your learning. A study schedule is a key to developing good study habits. Ensure that you dedicate 30-60 minutes a day to learning a language.

Know Your Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

You may want to consider the time you will spend studying even if you plan to take an online Chinese class. Knowing your short or long-term goals provides a direction in acquiring new knowledge and skills. Goals allow you to have something to focus on, especially when learning. Thus setting and tracking objectives help you have something vital to look forward to in the future.

Determine Your Learning Style

As part of your self-learning, knowing your learning style can impact your journey. Some learn better with writing things down, while others absorb information through visualisation. As part of your own learning, you can’t force yourself to learn in various ways. There are plenty of various learning techniques, and finding your strength can accelerate your learning experience.

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