4 Reasons Why Wooden Blocks Are A Timeless Toy!  


We’ve all seen wooden blocks (บล็อคไม้, which is the term in Thai) sometime in our lives. It is such a quintessential part of growing up that across the world, almost every child has played with them at least once. Not just for playing, but wooden toys have been used for educational purposes as well. Classrooms have used them to teach toddlers about shapes, sizes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet. This article will get into the reasons why wooden toys are so enduring and great for your children!

1.   Durability:

Due to the wooden construction, every wooden block is built to last. Unlike plastic materials, wood does not get spoiled due to weather or chemical exposure. It is also a tougher material that can survive the wear and tear of time, and also children smashing and throwing it around. This robustness makes them last very long.

2.   Simplicity:

The construction of wooden block toys is very simple. They are basic geometric shapes cut out from pieces of wood. The simplicity also extends to the fact that it is easy for the children to understand how to play with the toy. Any child can understand at a single glance that these blocks can be stacked and which shapes work well with each other. Thus, the toy interacts very well with the receptive nature of the children without confusing them with complex mechanisms.

3.   Safety:

There are no sharp edges to be found in wooden blocks (บล็อคไม้ ตัวต่อไม้, term in Thai). They are also compact and lightweight so that the children do not hurt themselves with the toys if they drop them on themselves. Secondly, even chemically there isn’t any inherent risk for children to play with wooden toys. They do not react harshly with sensitive young skin, and unlike plastic products, they aren’t of toxic chemicals so they are safe for teething children.

4.   Education:

Every wooden block can be made in a unique shape and color. Teachers and parents can use these blocks to teach many things to their children, shapes being the most obvious. Colored blocks can be used to teach about colors. Blocks inscribed with alphabets and numbers are a great tool for teaching kids word and number construction. Playing and interacting with the toys can help children understand basic geometry as well as expand their creativity.

With this, we hope that we have convinced you that wooden blocks will always stand the test of time, and be a fun and immersive toy for your kids to play and learn!

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