3 Simple Methods On How To Ace Chemistry Class


Chemistry isn’t a fun, easy, and enjoyable subject for many students because of its notoriety to give students a hard time. You can either hate or learn how to love Chemistry.

Whether you’re taking offline or online Chemistry tuition, despising the subject will give you a hard time learning as you further advance or progress your studies. However, Chemistry is not supposed to be that difficult. It is there to help you uncover its interesting concepts and formulas and make use of them in your everyday life or future career.

Here are three methods on how to be outstanding in your Chemistry tuition:

1) Strive to understand than to memorise

In most cases, one of the most difficult parts of Chemistry comes when students attempt to memorise complex formulas and terminologies. However, it should not be that way. One easy way to avoid stress is to understand the way they are. Understanding why the formula is the way it is and acquiring the essence of complex terminologies will save you time, instead of memorising them bits by bits. Even if you’re taking online chemistry tuition, save yourself a lot of time by understanding the ideas instead of memorising them.

2) Answer the problems yourself and don’t look for answers

One easy way to minimise your learning is to depend on yourself to find the answers to a given problem. The key here is to never look for an answer to problems. You need to work out on it and understand how the problem works in order to find the answer. Chemistry is also a subject of problem-solving. Even if you’re hiring a Chemistry tutor in Singapore, your tutor will only serve as a guideline to answer problems, not as someone to provide you answers with.

3) Mind mapping

Mind mapping is an efficient way to learn Chemistry subjects. Mind mapping is about visualising information and organising them in relation to a single piece of the whole picture. Mind mapping will help you to find answers and allow you to create helpful learning strategies on topics.

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